Introduction to Windows Server Essentials

In case you have a tiny business with almost zero IT support however you need central device management, connectivity, and data safe-keeping, we suggest that you go for Windows Storage space Essentials. Microsoft is popular for its server alternatives. However, with Windows Hardware Essentials, you have different things.

What is Home windows Server Essentials?

It’s a Microsoft product that offers professional as well as home-based solutions. The item is directed at small businesses with zero IT support and shows the dedication of the company to provide industry. Given below are some of the features that you can find with the product:

Ease of setup

Microsoft allows a fairly easy process of getting the Windows Server Essentials build. You go through a checklist and get it done.

Easy management

You will notice that dashboard is not hard and easy.

Navigation bar

You can click on the course-plotting bar to get gain access to the kind of tasks and information. Once you open up the Dashboard, you will observe the House page.

Action lite

You can check out this pane for a brief description of tasks and features. In addition, you can get links and open information pages and configuration wizards.

Tasks en aning

On this pane, you can see links to information and tasks related to a certain category.

Category pane

Here, you displays features that will give you use of different information tools and information so you can build and customize your storage space.

Price Tag

Windows Hardware Essentials doesn’t cost as much as the other versions of Microsoft Glass windows. So, this is an excellent solution although you may have a tiny budget.

The missing features

Windows Server Essentials does not have a lot of features that you will get on other products of Google. Below is some them:

Server primary
SQL Server, SharePoint and Exchange

Using the product for business

Offered below are some highlights of Windows Server Essentials which you can use and implemented easily:

Distributed folders

The windows permit you to share files through the shared folders.

Organizations and users

If you want to share data files and folders, you need to provide permission. And with groups and users, it can be done easily.

Storage spaces

With this feature, you can control the storage of your server as a pool. This makes the process of storage management a lot simple.

Remote gain access to

This option will allow your employees work even when they can be on the go.

Media sharing

This kind of feature lets you discuss photos, music and videos through the internet or your local network.

Other than these, the product has a lot of other useful features as well.

The takeaway

Microsoft Server Basics is not hard to install, fast and supports businesses of different sizes and budget, you may have to give it a go. So, if you have a tiny business by 12 employees, we claim that you try out this server operating system.

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