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Types of Weight Loss Surgery

There are more and more people becoming obese with each passing day. There are things people can do to stop this trend. Being obese carries some significant health risks that cannot be overlooked. When you are obese, you risk getting many types of cancer, type II diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke, joint ailments such as arthritis, breathing problems, among others.

Obesity for some is the result of taking excessive amounts of food and not exercising after that. Dieting and exercise are important when it comes to keeping your body weight in check. Those who are obese need to first put things in control before such measures kick in. Weight loss surgery shall be the next best thing for them to do. After shedding the excess weight, diet and exercise shall then become effective regulators.

There is the lap band and gastric bypass surgery to think of. Each shall have unique advantages and disadvantages for you to consider while choosing.

Gastric bypass surgery involves certain steps. The stomach size shall be reduced by stapling it, then a significant portion of the intestines will be bypassed, leaving the smaller stomach section and the smaller portion of the intestines to be joined surgically, as the new digestive system area. There shall be a significant reduction in the amount of food someone can successfully hold in their new stomach. These lesser intestines will also mean less absorption of essential nutrients from the food. There shall be rapid weight loss, as evidenced by most of the patients in the world. This is not a procedure for those who fear invasive forms of surgery. It will, therefore, have more chances of complications arising, than if the patient had decided to have a lap band surgery. The another issue is the reduced absorption of essential nutrients from the foods eaten. Its complications also mean that reversing it later will not be a simple task to perform. This has resulted in more deaths than any other form of weight loss surgery.

Lap band surgery involves the placement of an adjustable band around the upper section of a patient’s stomach. This will minimize the amount of food the patient shall hold, given the reduced size of the stomach. The food will also take quite a while to reach the intestines. As it reduces the capacity of the stomach, one will find it hard to eat more food, the food will also take time reaching the intestines, and their appetite will therefore be easier to control. This will not reduce the absorption of essential nutrients into the body. It is a less invasive option. It is also adjustable and reversible. There is a slim chance of you getting malnourished. Of the two, this is also the one with the least number of deaths attributed to it. The weight loss is however slower. You will also need more follow-up care.

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